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This and That [Observations]

June 14, 2011

It’s hard to believe spring has blown by and we’re on the cusp of summer. Seriously, do you feel it? In just a few days we’ll cross the solstice and the days here in the Southern Tier Of New York will start getting shorter. Kind of mind blowing, in the “where did spring go?” sense.

I mean, I did spend a lot of time outside birding, I can’t complain about birds I didn’t stumble across as they made their way to their breeding grounds. I spent a lot of time preparing and deploying recording units to capture breeding whip-poor-wills, both Mexican and Eastern. I spent a lot of time peering through a camera lens, fiddling with exposure settings and trying to capture compelling images of what I encountered.

What I didn’t do was spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen. Photos went unprocessed, experiences weren’t cyber-shared, checklists are still unentered. Sound files are being attended to, as quickly as we can, which are a bit sobering to listen to as the Huachucas are currently hosting wildfires on their doorstep: what will become of the Spotted Owls we’ve come to know, and the Mexican Whip-poor-wills we’re meeting?

Nearer to the homestead, hope springs eternal with the promise of life is bursting from nearly every direction, though today we encountered the reality of a depredated nest among several currently successful attempts.  As far as bird identification goes, my confidence in birding by ear continues to take hits this season, this time listening to various (or the same?) trilling birds.

Obviously, lots to talk about. Stay tuned, gentle readers, tales of the spring are coming!

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