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Two Drink Minimums [Reintroductions]

August 25, 2010

Mike, what’s this “Two Drink Minimum?”

Margarita on the rocksIt’s a post that requires some form of social lubrication.

I have opinions, (lots of them, it turns out) but I don’t share them with just anyone.  Not unless you’re a close friend, or I’ve had something more socially lubricating than a root beer. And while I consider you all friends (just for stopping by, how welcoming is that?), we’re not really that close.  At least not yet, give us time.

But the point of this blog is to archive activities, thoughts, feelings, opinions, all the stuff I think I’d like to look back and read when I’m old and don’t get out much.  So, posts entitled “Two Drink Minimum” are posts that are the product of just that:  two drinks.  Minimum.  One to fuel whatever it is I’m opining about, and one (at least) to ignore the “maybe I should read this again in the morning” voice.  That second drink passes “draft” and goes straight to “publish.”

I envision these as discussion starters.  They’re meant to take a stance, then sit back and wait for the dissenting point of view. Or agreement.  In many cases I won’t know what I’m talking about, and I’m hoping someone will set me straight.  You know, like real life.  I will happily reconsider my views and possibly even change them after some reasonable-if-not-passionate discourse.  And I will happily not change them if I’m not convinced, no drinks required.

But here’s my one self-imposed rule:  also like real life, I won’t make it personal.  Well, unless someone does something mind-bogglingly obnoxious and I feel the need to call them on it after only two drinks.  I mean, I’d love to write like Bryan at You Are Dumb, but that’d take me about eight drinks, minimum, and I’m generally not functional at that point.

Regardless, let’s get started.

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